• Customized

    We create all products in our state of the art wood manufactory in Lebanon. In-stock items are ready upon order; customized products will be ready 2 days upon order. 

    Quantities are limited but we will always have new value deals for you, make sure to visit us regularly.

  • PRICE: $450
    QTY: 3
    Black Squared
    Black glass table with crossed metal legs

    Top: 120x120cm – Height 73cm
  • PRICE: $480
    QTY: 1
    Sister Set
    Glass table set with black metal legs

    Table 1: Diameter 120cm – Height 35cm
    Table 2: Diameter 105cm – Height 40cm
  • PRICE: $180
    QTY: 4
    The Roundabout
    Glass coffee table with black metal legs

    Diameter 70cm – Height 40cm
  • PRICE: $900
    QTY: 2
    Frake solid wood rectangular table with tangled black metal legs

    Top: 200x90cm – Height: 70cm
  • PRICE: $350
    QTY: 3
    Frake solid wood table with triangular shaped, black metal legs

    Diameter 79cm – Height 41cm
  • PRICE: $400
    QTY: 1
    Slider Top
    Frake solid black table with wood slider and black metal legs

    Top 120x63cm – Height 46cm
  • PRICE: $200
    QTY: 5
    Frake solid wood stool with black metal legs

    Diameter 35cm – Height 77cm
  • PRICE: $500
    QTY: 3
    White maze-shaped book stand with black metal edges

    Size: 100x200cm – Depth 40cm
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