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    The Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) is a regional center pioneering in the treatment of children with cancer. Thanks to our affiliation with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee; and the rigorous research of our doctors and scientists at the American University of Beirut Medical Center (AUBMC), we are proud and glad to have an average survival rate of 80% for our beloved kids! A regional pioneer in pediatric cancer treatment with a mission of hope and a healthy future for our dear children; where they are treated free of charge, with no cost at all on their parents. Therefore, CCCL relies purely on donations; with a yearly budget of 12 million USD. Inaugurated in April 2002, the CCCL has treated, to date, over 800 children with cancer. The treatment usually lasts for 3 years, costing an average of 50,000 USD a year for each patient. The Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) has a variety of fundraising programs and projects all for the sole purpose of raising funds to treat our dear patients. The more funds we have, the more patients we can treat! Join our mission, be part of the CCCL: a center of excellence, home of hope!
    When 18 year-old Hady Gebrane died in a car crash in 2006, his family and friends were betreft. Determined to prevent road accidents from claiming the lives of other Lebanese youth, they decided to found an organization dedecated to promoting youth awareness on road safety. And so in October 2006, Kunhadi was established.

    To be the pioneer in youth awareness on road safety in Lebanon and the region.

    To foster a culture of safe driving habits and practices among Lebanese youth and hence decrease the number of injuries and fatalities.

    Seeing that more than 85% of car crashes are caused by drivers' behavior, we aim to decrease the six most common causes of car accidents: Speeding, Drunk driving, Use of mobile phones while driving, Fatigue Driving, Not fastening the seat belt, Not wearing a helmet.

    All fundraising proceedings are fully dedicated to road safety activities. Kunhadi will carry on with the Visibility theme in 2013.

    Cénacle de La Lumière (CDLL) is a non-profit, nongovernmental organization founded in 2006 by a group of volunteers in response to the growing drug problem threatening the Lebanese youth. This initiative was registered in 2007 as a Lebanese charity No 28/a.d.
    Our mission is to serve individuals with drug addiction problems and provide support to their families. Through a comprehensive recovery program, in a Christian therapeutic community context, we help them reintegrate in the society as productive, responsible and drug free individuals. We also strive to raise awareness among the youth and the society inspiring them to take right choices and lead lives based on strong values away from drugs.
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