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    Renovats is an architectural and multi-disciplinary engineering firm established in September 2010 by a body of talented architects and engineers determined to deliver superior, modern, architectural and interior design solutions to its clients. Renovats offers a broad spectrum of services ranging from contracting, to wood and aluminum manufacturing. The core of our business lies in building construction and structuring, as well as renovation of apartments, villas, offices and others. We have worked hard on growing our extensive team of seasoned professionals, the number of repeat clients and on developing a state of the art wood and aluminum manufacturing facility. 

    Renovats strives to stand out among other industry players by consistently measuring up to clients' expectations and maintaining client satisfaction levels through the delivery of exceptional premium quality work products. Renovats is substantially committed and dedicated to accommodate clients' needs and cater to their business requirements through the management of the project's milestones, accurate estimates of work, effective scheduling, successful execution and sincere follow up.



    We go beyond the horizon in the execution and implementation phase and provide our clients with multiple architectural scenarios to select from, tailored thoroughly to meet their needs and requirements.


    We try to think out of the box while designing and implementing our projects. We are keen on blending the modern and classical styles in order to define ourselves as a unique trademark that is recognized widely.


    We demonstrate flexibility upon commencing any renovation initiative and strive to exceed clients' expectations by overcoming any setback that may arise during the assignment. We exclusively tailor each of our service offerings in order to promote diversity and individuality to our clients.


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